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Announcing CBI Mitzvah Gelt!

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We all know that Congregation B’nai Israel is in need of revenue to maintain its physical operations and superb programming.  We are also aware that in these days of economic cutbacks it is becoming increasingly difficult for families to open their wallets and checkbooks to make a donation to the Shul.  That’s why you are being asked to consider using Mitzvah Gelt a.k.a. Scrip.

What is Mitzvah Gelt?  Mitzvah Gelt is prepaid gift cards and vouchers that you use like cash at specific stores, restaurants and online sites.

How does Mitzvah Gelt work?  Instead of using cash when making purchases, you, the buyer, use prepaid gift cards from America’s favorite and most trusted retailers.  These gift cards are the same cards you see and buy in local retail stores.  The difference is that when purchased through CBI, the Shul can earn up to 15% rebate on each card purchased.

Sure, using Mitzvah Gelt may take a little more planning on the part of the purchaser but the payoff for the Shul is certainly worth the effort.   To get an idea of the scope of businesses offering Mitzvah Gelt, go to www.glscrip.com/index.aspx.

OK, you’ve checked out the website and want to do your part to help the Shul.

How do you order Mitzvah Gelt?  Either submit a completed order form with your check to the CBI office or sign up at www.shopwithscrip.com and place your order there (the CBI id# is 124FE6EC2LL69).

For those members who are computer enthusiasts, “SCRIPNow” makes certain vendor cards available within minutes by internet.  After you have signed up for a Shopwithscrip account as outlined above, you can order, pay for and download SCRIP from CVS, Chili’s, Home Depot, etc.  In addition, many cards purchased through the program can be reloaded on the internet quickly and easily once your Shopwithscrip account is set up.

Although most cards don’t expire for at least two years, you are encouraged to purchase cards you expect to use within the next few months.

When ordering through CBI, remember that all orders take about a week to be delivered.  Please plan accordingly.

Remember, cards made great gifts for B’nai Mitzvah, birthdays, weddings, etc.

For more information please contact Jay Kauffman at (727) 381-5999.

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