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Israel Scouts Concert: Tzofim Friendship Caravan

June 16, 2017 - 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Congregation B’nai Israel
St. Petersburg, FL

Israel Scouts: Hope and Peace from Israel to the US

Israeli teens’ Tzofim Friendship Caravan brings an all ages interactive musical program to the Tampa Bay Jewish Community sharing a message of hope & peace.

Schedule | Meet the Scouts

Come before the show for Tzofim merchandise & to meet the teens of this year’s caravan.

Interactive Musical Program: 5:00 pm
$5 Mac & Cheese Dinner – RSVP

Israel Scouts Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:30 pm


Meet the 2017 Caravan Ziv Scouts


Hello, my name is Tamar Etzion and I am 16 years old. I live in Tel Mond, a small town 30 minutes north of Tel Aviv.?My mother’s name is Yael and she’s a teacher. My father’s name is Shay and he’s a chief revenue officer. I have 3 sisters. The oldest is Noa, who is?22 years old and traveling in South America. Roni is 19 and serves?in the IDF. My youngest sister is Shira, she is in the 6th grade.

I have been in the Scouts?since the 4th grade. Last year I?was a counselor for?a group of boys in the 4th grade, and this year I am?a counselor for a group of both girls and boys in the 7th grade. I enjoy being a?counselor?because?it provides me with the opportunity?to influence the younger generation and to educate them. I am honored?to be a role model for?them.

I enjoy spending time with my friends. We like to hang out, watch movies, go on trips together, and have picnics. I also enjoy listening to music and going to?plays.?I’ve been dancing since I was 7 years old and I used to play the piano. In addition, my family and I like to go on trips together on weekends.

I am excited and?looking forward to meeting you this summer, and I hope we’ll have a great time together!

My name is Omer Nulman and I’m 17 years old. I live in Tel Mond, in the Sharon area in the center of Israel. I was born in Givataaim (near Tel Aviv) to my mother Adi, who works as a medical assistant in a kindergarten, and to my father Adir, who is a project manager in MOD. My older brother Itai, who is currently a soldier in the IDF, is a former Scouts leader and a role model for me. My twin sister Noa is an excellent dancer and also a Scouts member. We are all very close and I love them all very much! I enjoy being with the rest of my family, especially at family gatherings where we celebrate Jewish holidays, birthdays, and special occasions as well as traveling abroad all together, which is always memorable.

I have been in the Scouts for 8 years, in Poleg troop. Last year I was the counselor for a group of 6th grade boys and this year, I am a counselor for 8th grade girls and boys. The Scouts provides me with great experiences and insights for my life.

I really love CrossFit training, playing volleyball, hanging out with friends, cooking, and baking. I’m the chef of my family. I also enjoy traveling with my family to places like Eilat in the south of Israel, and Mount Hermon in the north of Israel, and hanging out on the busy streets of Tel Aviv.

I am very curious about everything, therefore I learn a lot. I study at Rabin High School and my majors are physics, biomedicine, electronics, and computers. This year I started working on a medical project, which will be completed next year. Indeed, my studies are very interesting and everyday I learn something new. I am enthusiastic about learning and experiencing new opportunities which empower me.

I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to meeting you all!

My name is Shir Haimov and I’m 17. In Hebrew, Shir means song. My mother named me after the famous book by King Solomon, the Song of Songs. I live in Savyon, a town near Tel Aviv. My
mother’s name is Mazi, and she’s a lawyer. My father’s name is Itzik and he’s a businessman. They met in high school and have been in love ever since. I have two siblings, a sister Noa who is 18 and just joined the military, and a brother Omer who is in the 6th grade. My grandparents were born in Iran, Turkey, and Russia. They moved to Israel when they were young.

I have been in the Scouts for 8 years. The name of my troop is Cna’an, a mountain located in the northern part of Israel, near Tzfat. Last year I was a counselor for a group of ten boys. This year I am a counselor for a group of 7th grade boys and girls.

In high school I major in psychology and music, specifically jazz and funk. In my music program, each student gives a performance at the end of the year. I will perform six jazz hits and will be graded by the quality of my performance. In two years, I am going to join the Israeli Defense Force and I hope to get accepted into the military band. Another hobby of mine is collecting vinyl records. I have a pink record player in my room and I own 21 records. My favorite artists are Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, and Coldplay.

I like going to musicals. My favorite musical is Wicked and in my music performance I am performing a song from it. I also like traveling with my family, watching movies, shopping, eating chocolate, and hanging out with my friends.

I can’t wait for the summer to arrive! I hope that this summer will be unforgettable.

My name is Nadav Blatman, I was born in Jerusalem on May 14, 2000 and I currently live in Ness Tziona (a small city in the out-
skirts of Tel Aviv). I have tree younger brothers, Tal, Roy, and Yuval, and a dog named Lychee. Tal is 13 and had his bar mitzvah this year. He loves surfing. He isn’t in the Scouts. My brother Roy is 10 and is in the Scouts. My youngest brother Yuval is 6 years old and is very cute. My mum’s name is Roni, she is a children’s psychologist in Bat Yam. My dad’s name is Eyal. Until this year he worked as a co-manager of an online gaming company and is currently working at a start-up company. We lived in Gibraltar for 7 years, until the end of 9th grade. I had loads of hobbies over there, such as soccer and rowing.

I loved it in Gibraltar and I have a good time over there…nonetheless I am very happy that we returned to Israel because I discovered this amazing place called the Scouts, and its amazing Israeli vibe. The only hobby that I’ve continued in Israel is drama and theatre, which are my school majors, alongside chemistry. My other hobby here in Israel is rock climbing, which I enjoy a lot and try to do as much as I possibly can!

My Scouts troop is called Sahar and it was established 10 years ago. Last year I was a guide for a group of 4th grade girls and this year I’m guiding a group of 7th graders. I enjoy and absolutely love the Scouts. I have two best friends named Adar and Guy. We hang out everyday and have lots of fun with each other. We laugh about everything but can also talk about serious matters.

I am super excited and looking forward to the summer so I can meet you!

Shalom everybody! My name is Karin Zick and I am 17 years old. I live in Ness Ziona which is in the center of Israel, about 20 minutes from Tel Aviv. I was born in a city called Rishon Le-Zion which is also in the center of Israel, as the third and last child to my parents Uri and Yahel. My father Uri is a project manager of a company that works for the IDF, and my mother Yahel is a
high school Hebrew teacher. I have 2 older siblings: a brother named Gal who is 22 years old and is in charge of my Scouts troop, and a sister named Shelly who is 21 years old and serves in the IDF as an officer. They both took part in the Tzofim Friendship Caravan and they both are role models for me.

Last year I was a counselor for 14 girls in the 5th grade, and this year I am a counselor for 63 boys and girls in the 7th grade. My troop is actually me second home, and if you can’t find me at home or at school, you will probably find me there. My troop’s name is Sahar (which means moon) and our slogan is “Always reach for the moon, the least you will touch is the stars,” which I really believe.

When I first heard about the Caravan, it seemed like a distant dream, and now that it’s becoming a reality, I am very grateful to have this opportunity, as well as very excited. I can’t wait to start my summer and meet you, and I am really looking forward to this once in a lifetime experience!

Hi everyone! My name is Yonatan Kantarowicz and I am 17 years old. I live in Shoham, a small town between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I am in my junior year in Atid Science High School where I major in Physics and Chemistry. I have a small and lovely family.

My father’s name is Etay and he is the CEO of Adgar Israel real estate company. My mother, Hila, used to be the VP of marketing at a leading company in Israel. Now she lectures in a college. My younger sister, Mika, is 11 years old. Mika and I are very close; she is full of joy and energy – plays on the piano, dances both ballet and modern dance, and is a member of the Scouts.

I have been participating in the Scouts activities since I was in the 4th grade. My troop (Shevet) is called Amit. This is my second year as a junior counselor. My position includes being a role model who values social issues and creates a sense of belonging in my teens towards our community and Israel. Last year I counseled a 5th grade girls group and now I am counseling a 7th grade group. I also participated in a program of the Scouts called Chetz V’Keshet – a group of Jewish American and Israeli teenagers who traveled and lived together for a month in Israel. It was an amazing experience which not only showed me that I love working and meeting new people but that my English is close to being native. (At least that is what I was told.)

I like traveling in Israel and all over the world, it is a thrill to me to discover and experience new places, people, adventures, and nature. I also love music! I have been playing the drums for the last 5 years. My favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In my spare time, I like to ride mountain bikes, run long distances, play sport games, and hang out with friends.

Although I know I will miss my family and friends, I cannot wait for this summer to come. Hope to see you soon!

My name is Yuval Rotero and l’m 16 years old. I live in Hertzelia, which is a city near the beach and it’s very close to Tel Aviv. My mother’s name is Erena, she is a physiotherapist. My father’s name is Ariel and he is an economist. I have two siblings, my sister Michal who is 14 years old, and my brother Jonathan is 6 years old. I’m very close to each of my parents and my siblings are my best friends. Every Friday we eat dinner together with our grandparents.

I have been in the Scouts, in Reshafim troop, since 5th grade. Last year, I was a counselor for boys in the 4th grade, and this year I am a counselor for boys in the 8th grade. I love everything about the Scouts. I enjoy the trips and being with my friends, and especially the way I can influence and help the kids in my group, and teach them values such as: friendship, responsibility, and respect.

I learn in an excel class in Harishonim High School. My class is very special and we get to go to a lot of tours, travels and lectures. My extended subjects at school are physics and history, where I learn about the history of the United States. In my free time I like listening to music, going to concerts, and being with my friends and family. Usually, on weekends my family and I travel together. I used to dance for 12 years, but I stopped last year and now I’m a part of a sport group which prepares me for the IDF. I’m very excited to meet you!

My name is Itamar Maori and I am 16 years old. I live in Ra’anana, which is a city near Tel Aviv. I have one brother, Eilon, who is in the army now. He is a commander of new soldiers. My mother Dina, is a psychologist and my father Amir, works in the TV business. He was the vice president of a big TV channel in Israel and he established a big studio in Israel.

I’ve been in the Israeli Tzofim—Scouts–for 6 years. Last year I was a counselor for a group of boys in the 4th grade and now I am a head of a crew that is counseling 4th graders. My crew includes 7 counselors, and as their leader, I guide them how to behave with 10-year-olds and how to deal with problems they face during the year. I enjoy being in the Scouts because it develops me as an individual and it gives me the chance to educate younger people. It also makes our country a better place, while having fun and creating new friendships.

I’ve also played the guitar for 8 years. I am in a music program in my high school that I like very much. It helps me to improve my skills and to do what I like, which is playing and making music. Another thing I like to do is krav maga, which is an Israeli martial art. It began when Israel was a very young country and it is a very popular fighting art in Israel as well as the whole world. I have been learning krav maga since the 4th grade and I have a brown belt, which is one belt before the black belt. I learn how to protect myself from different situations and it helps me to improve my self-esteem.

I can’t wait to perform, and to show you our beautiful country. I am very excited for this summer and I expect we will achieve our goals. I want to have fun and to make new friendships and connections.

See you soon!

Hello, my name is Yuval Jankelowitz and I’m 17 years old. I live in Shoham, which is a city near the airport so it is very convenient for my family and I when we travel. Four years ago I came back from 5 years abroad in Singapore, where I studied in an international school with people from over 76 countries. It was an amazing experience and I got to be a part of so many new
cultures and meet many different people. My mother’s name is Tal and my father’s name is Shai, and I have a little brother, he is 13 years old and his name is Rom. We like to travel together and explore different countries and we especially like to eat together.

When I came back from Singapore I became a part of this beautiful community called the Scouts. Last year, I was a counselor of 9 crazy amazing young girls in the 5th grade. We went on trips together, decorated our troop, and in the end of the year we went to summer camp. This year I counsel with my team a group of 60 campers in the 7th grade. This year’s process is called Unite, where we are responsible for uniting the 7th graders into a family. It’s an amazing opportunity and I love watching them grow and slowly evolve into responsible teens.

I go to Shoham High school, where I major in history and theater. I love theater, it is my passion and one of my many joys in life. It’s the only place where you get to express yourself but also become anyone you wish to be. I love to travel and explore new places. When my family and I travel, we like to visit different communities and experience their way of life. I also love hanging out with my friends, they are a big part of my life. I enjoy listening to music, my favorite band is Twenty One Pilots — I love the messages they bring in their songs and the spark they light in people. One of my favorite things to do is to go to the theater and to get exposed to different kinds of drama.

I am so excited to come to America this summer and I especially can’t wait to meet you!

My name is Ori Kaso, and I’m 16 years old. I used to live in a little town called Bat Hefer. A few months ago, I moved with my family to Mikhmoret which is a small town right on the shore, north of Netanya. My mom Dafna is a Biology teacher. My dad Asher is a former officer in the IDF air force and now a high school principal. My brother Tal is an accounting student at the Hebrew Universi- ty. My sister Chen is a Sociology and Education student at Ben Gurion University. My other sister Noy is serving as an officer in the IDF air force.

I started my way in the Scouts in my local troop called Golan, growing up to be a counselor of 6th graders. Nowadays, I’m a counselor of 7th graders in a boarding school. The scouts have a huge part of my life, and the values I learn and that I’m teaching others leads me in all my decisions in life.

I am a junior year student in Ben Gurion High School, majoring in Biology and Physical edu- cation. In my free time, I like to play and watch sports, especially basketball and soccer.
Since the 2nd grade I’ve played basketball professionally, and it is a big part of my person- ality which shaped me into who I am today. I love hanging out with my friends, going to the beach and hiking all over Israel.

I am the third sibling in my family that takes part in the Tzofim Friendship Caravan delega- tion. My sister Chen was a member of the Caravan in 2009, and a leader in 2016. My sister Noy was a member of the Caravan in 2014. I grew up listening to their stories of this great experience and I can’t wait to experience for myself. I am very excited to meet all.

See you soon!

Hello, my name is Merav Lachman and I’m 23 year old. I was born on the 9th of September 1993 and I’ve lived in Tel-Aviv ever since. My father Ey- tan is a former Army officer and these days is a pensioner. My mother Shifra is a family judge in Tel-Aviv’s court. I have only one sister and her name is Michal. We are twins but we really don’t look alike…She is a stu- dent in Beer-Sheva University and her major is engineering. I also have a Labrador dog named Tom.

I have been a member in the Israeli scouts since the 4th grade in a troop called Nasi in Tel-Aviv. As a counselor, I had the opportunity to lead several group ages. In 2010 I was a member in the Friendship Caravan and it has been an experience that had a great influence on me.

After graduating high school majoring Psychology, Sociology and Chemistry I joined a Gap Year program (Shnat Sherut) before my army service. I spent a year volunteering in the city of Bat Yam next to Tel Aviv. During that year I volunteered at schools and shelters for kids during the day and lived with American and British Jewish youth that participated in a program called Year Course by Hadassah and Young Judaea. At the end of the gap year I was a councilor in a FZY camp in England.

5 days after returning from England I joined the army as an intelligence soldier. After one year and a half I went through an officer’s course becoming an Education officer back in my base. As an officer, my role was to be in charge of all the daily educational activities that took part in the base– including ceremonies and trips.

In 2016 I was released from the army after almost 4 years of service with the rank of a lieutenant. A couple of months later, I went on a trip to Southeast Asia and visited India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand. The trip was an amazing opportunities to explore new cultures and to learn about myself. I had an amazing time.

During my free time I enjoy going to the theater, playing the cello, and I love to sing and listen to music. I also enjoy traveling with friends and family.

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity once again to be part of this program and I can’t wait to see you all.

Hello, my name is Tom Sabban and I’m 24 years old. I was born in Jerusalem on September 26th 1992 and lived in the city until the age of five. My family lives in Lapid, a small communal village, located near the city of Modi’in in the center of Israel, on the way from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. My mother Merav is a psychotherapist. Three years ago, she founded and now she’s the director of Meital Center in Greater Jerusalem, which provides expert therapeutic care for children and youth who have been sexually abused. My father Haim has retired from service in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. My brother Amit (21) is a soldier in the Paratroopers Brigade. He is about to finish his mandatory military service, after three years. My sister Tamar (18) began her service in September and now serves as an instructor in the Combat Intelligence School.

In 2000, when I was 8 years old, my father was asked to relocate to France, for a five year diplomatic mission on behalf of the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry. We first moved to Marseille for two years and afterward to Paris for three years. I learned in state schools and therefore I speak French fluently. We came back to Israel in 2005 when I was in 8th grade and then I joined the Israel Scouts branch in my village. I had a great time as a counselor and coordinator. In 2009 I was lucky enough to take part in the life-changing experience called Tzofim Friendship Caravan. During the summer, my Caravan Gefen crisscrossed the Southeast United States and performed more than a hundred shows.

In 2010, after High School, I voluntarily postponed the military service and opted for Shnat Sherut, a year of volunteer service. As part of a pioneering project, I moved to London along with three friends, to live as a commune. Our main mission was to establish an Israeli Scouts branch for Hebrew-speaking children. Me and my partner were also Hebrew teachers and led various educational programs in the Jewish community, on behalf of UJIA (United Jewish Israel Appeal).

Back in Israel in 2011, I began my military service in the Israeli SIGINT National Unit (8200). In 2013, I completed officers’ training course. My last position was commanding officer in charge of a team of intelligence analysis and integration. My team included few officers and many soldiers, which are managing the intelligence collection process. After having served for 4.5 years, I was discharged from the military in last October.

Since then, my girlfriend Dana and I moved in together in Be’er Sheva, at the south of Israel. Dana studies Biology- Psychology at Ben Gurion University.

I am looking forward to meet you and very much excited about the opportunity to contribute to this program once again.

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