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Fund Descriptions

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Due to rising costs the minimum donation is now $10 per acknowledgment sent.

Funds and Accounts and Their Uses

  • Abe Green Scholarship Fund for Children – Scholarship subsidy used for PRTT
  • Building Maintenance Fund – Fund used for synagogue capital improvements/major maintenance expenses.
  • Buns Technology Improvement Fund- Fund used for technology needs at synagogue.
  • Camp Ramah Fund – Supports scholarships of CBl youth to Camp Ramah
  • Dr. Michael H. Diamond Endowment Fund – Provides interest income to cover CBI operating expenses and building needs
  • Ellen Jo Glassman Adult Studies Endowment Fund – Provides fund for a special Adult Studies Lecture/Program.
  • Elsie Ehrlich Scholarship Fund for Children– Scholarship subsidy used for PRTT
  • Gail S. Warren Legacy for Leadership Fund – Provides for activities that will deepen or develop leadership skills for current or emerging Congregational leaders such as promoting educational activities and speakers, and help to annually recognize a Congregation member selected for leadership recognition
  • Harry Green Memorial Education Fund- Fund to provide educational programs for youth or adults
  • Ira Green Memorial Education Fund– Fund to provide Educational programs
  • Julius Green Scholarship Fund for Children- Scholarship subsidy for PRTT
  • Library/Music Account – Donations used to purchase books and music for the Library
  • Lorraine Maller Educational Fund for Children- Scholarship Subsidy for PRTT
  • Louis & Edna Javits Youth Scholarship Fund-  Scholarship for USCJ summer or year-round programs (e.g, USY and Camp Ramah)
  • Louise J & Harry Green Fund- Fund used for educational programs
  • Membership Initiative Fund- Support membership initiatives and programs
  • Mitzvah Fund – Support general synagogue operations and programs
  • Music and Concert Endowment Fund – Provides fund for expenses of our annual concert program, to purchase musical instruments or equipment, and to support music programs.
  • Murray Jacobs Beautification Fund- Provides fund for building and grounds maintenance and beautification
  • PRECEC Scholarship Fund- Scholarship Subsidy for PRECEC
  • Prayer Book Fund – Fund to purchase siddurim, chumashim, and mahzorim
  • Rabbi Morris B. Chapman Adult Institute Fund- Fund to support annual adult education program
  • Shirley Buns PRECEC Fund- Fund used for replacement, repair, and acquisition of ECEC equipment
  • Shirley Buns PRTT Fund- Fund used to support PRTT
  • USY Fund – restricted fund to support CBI youth programs
  • USY Pilgrimage – restricted fund to subsidize scholarships for CBI summer programs to Israel.
  • Gail S. Warren Legacy for Leadership Fund- Fund used for leadership development and annual leadership award recognition

Community Tzdakah Funds

  • Cantor’s Discretionary Fund- Donations for use at the cantor’s discretion
  • Minyan Fund- Community Tzedakah
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund- Donations for use at the rabbi’s discretion

Tree of Life

Looking for a special way to honor your family and friends who are celebrating a simha?

The Tree of Life at CBI is just the answer. What a joy it is for someone to walk into our shul and see a Tribute of their special birthday, anniversary or wedding. Does your child/grandchild have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Graduation coming up? What a great way to honor them! Order forms are in the synagogue office and lobby. The minimum donation for leaves is $254.

Please send emails to accounting@cbistpete.org to make your donations to these funds.

Help CBI by Planting Trees with JNF

Help CBI by Planting Trees with JNF

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