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Irma Mayer Shalach Manot Project

Fulfill the mitzvah of Shalach Manot by ordering packages of tasty treats including Hamantashen baked by our CBI Sisterhood. 

Get in on the fun! Bake and Pack on Sunday, March 8

Order Deadline: Friday, February 28
Pick up: Monday, March 9 - Wednesday, March 11 

Individual & Family Shalach Manot are $9 each.
Packages are available for clergy and CBI departments - prices are reflected below. 
   Clergy - Rabbi Philip Weintraub ($18)
   Clergy - Cantor Jonathan Schultz ($18)
   Professional/Office Staff $27
   PRTT Teachers $27
   PRECEC Teachers & Staff ($36)
   Support Staff ($18)SPECIAL PURIM PACKAGES (per group unless otherwise noted):

Rabbi Philip Weintraub ($18) and Cantor Jonathan Schultz ($18)

Professional/Office Staff:  $27
Chelsea Anderson - Coordinator of Congregant Support, Hana Cowart - Director of Communications, Janice Roth - Accounting, Maureen Sechan - Director of Lifelong Learning

PRTT Teachers:  $27
Liesa A., Ryan F., Wendy L., Jackie W.

PRECEC Teachers: $36
Alisha B - Director, Arlene B. - Admin, Judy L. - Floater, JulieAnn H., Jennifer J., Nicole J., Beth K., Ellen P., Kaylee W.

Support Staff: $18
Gus P. Deavin M. and Pei T. 
By opting to reciprocate Shalach Manor greetings, I understand I will be responsible for a secondary payment.
Mon, February 24 2020 29 Shevat 5780