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Welcome to CBI 

"Side by Side at CBI" is more than a saying - it's a feeling!

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Our Rabbi

Rabbi Philip Weintraub is delighted to meet in person, talk over the phone at 678-457-4182, or touch base via email.    Rabbi Weintraub enjoys getting to know each person - ideally in an informal setting. 

For more about Rabbi Weintraub, click  here

Shalom Y'all Means All

"Side by Side at CBI" is more than a saying - it's a way of life in our congregation.  Our inclusive and egalitarian community offers the opportunity for all people to fully participate in our worship services, educational programs, and social events. An inclusive community is a stronger community.

Curious about our building and our congregation? Join us for a upcoming service or schedule a tour.



Judaism teaches human beings are created b'tzelem Elohim, in the image of God, and each individual is essential to the synagogue and community.  Congregation B'nai Israel celebrates equality and inclusion and is a welcoming and safe place for all.

Our annual Pride Shabbat, held in conjunction with St. Pete Pride, is the only synagogue-affiliated LGBTQA+ Pride event in Florida and draws people from across Central Florida and beyond. 

Welcoming Children to Worship

Grandson Learning About Tefillin

Congregation B'nai Israel of St. Petersburg strives to be an open and welcoming environment for everyone, no one more so than our children.

Children learn about worship and belonging to a spiritual community by participating in services and religious programs. Children learn about being a synagogue family member by being with their synagogue family. At CBI, we believe it is a joy, privilege, and responsibility of every person in our community to guide and nurture our children in the Jewish faith.


 Help parents know their children are welcome and wanted in synagogue. Be patient as children learn to use their ‘synagogue voices’.


 Relax and know we are very glad you and your children are here. Participate as you are able. If your child must leave the sanctuary, ensure they have adult supervision. Make use of our picture and activity books located in the back of the sanctuary during services as you need, or bring your own silent, Shabbat-friendly, and age appropriate activities. 


Know how happy we are to have you as part of our synagogue family.  If it’s hard sitting still, make use of our activity books or try to follow along with the songs and the service. Feel free to bring a silent activity of your own from home. Remember that prayer books are sacred and treat them with with respect. 

Remember when people get older it becomes harder to hear when noise is going on around them, so try to use your quiet, synagogue voices while others are speaking. Feel free to follow along with the prayers in your regular singing voice. 

If you feel like you’re having a hard time sitting still, ask your parents to take you to the lobby, or outside for a break. Watch the adults, learn, ask questions and be a part of the service.

Remember – we LOVE that you are here with us.

Contact Us


300 58th Street North,
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Tel:  727.381.4900

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