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Congregation B'nai Israel of St.Petersburg

We must work together to remain strong…to go from strength to strength.


Many of us have wonderful memories of moving into our current sanctuary in 1999. Everything was brand new and the excitement of Congregation B’nai Israel stepping into a new chapter permeated the air. This beautiful “home” has served us so well. However, 23 years later, it needs some tender loving care. Just as your home needs to have major repairs, this house, your synagogue, is in need of major repairs and updates.


Since opening the new building, Congregation B’nai Israel has hosted thousands of events - daily religious services, educational programs, Sunday School and many simcha celebrations. Hundreds of people who have had the need to say kaddish for a loved one have found support in our daily minyan. Through the difficult challenges of the pandemic, and the ever changing environment of our world, your synagogue has remained strong thanks to your involvement and support.


We have stayed on top of routine maintenance, but it is time to make an investment in our Synagogue, so that we will be here l’dor v’dor, for the next generation.


Items that will be updated or replaced:

  • Replace all air conditioning units.
  • Replace entire roof.
  • Replace carpet throughout the building.
  • Paint and wallpaper inside of building.
  • Paint and waterproof outside of building.
  • Improve technology and security systems.
  • Install solar panels.
  • Resurface the parking lot.
  • Install hurricane protection for the stained-glass windows.


We need YOU to be as generous as possible so that Congregation B’nai Israel can be here for you and your family, in happy times as well as sad. All of these improvements are expensive, as you well know, and can only be done with your support. Your gift will enable your synagogue to be able to go from strength to strength, so that we can be here for you, your children, and your grandchildren, for many years to come. The goal of the Operation Upgrade campaign is $3 million. Every single gift will make a difference - please make your pledge today so that we can go from "strength to strength" together.



Operation Upgrade Donor List

Naomi & Warren Abel Ricki & Mark Lewis
David Abelson Judy & Eric Ludin
Janet Augenbraun Vivian & Ed Lurie
Hannah & Irwin Ayes Shelley Lynn
Jay Azneer Henry Maller
Caryn Baird Kathy & Frank Mendelblatt
Judy Benjamin Stuart Nast
Marilyn Benjamin Louis Orloff
Louisa & Mark Benjamin Reva Pearlstein
Gerald Benstock Joan & Beth Ann Redisch
Margot & Michael Benstock Karen & Cary Reich
Susie & Ira Berman Laurie & Marc Reiskind
Esta Blaxberg Eileen Richman
Billie & Morry Bornstein Teddi & David Robbins
Sandy & Herb Brasch Lauren & Mason Salit
Kathleen Buns Susie & Alan Schwartz
Rhonda Des Islets Joyce & Harold Seder
Reisha Freedman Liz & Greg Sembler
Linda & Jack Goldfarb Betty Sue & Joel Shane
Judi & Mark Gordon Ina & Robert Sheppard
Susan & Seymour Gordon Jan & Craig Sher
Linda & Steve Grau Karen & Mandal Sher
Pati & David Gross Ed Silverberg
Terri & Jay Gross Shevy & Tom Silverberg
Ann Haendel Ira & Howie Slomka & Families
Dean Hershkowitz Sandy & Mike Slomka
Harry Heuman Debbie & Mark Sokolov
Alma Hirsch Stephanie & Bernardo Stein
Deborah & Robert Jacobs Elaine Stupp
Miriam & Bruce Jacobs Crystal Teed
Sandy & Sam Janofsky Susie & Hugh van Gelder
Susan & Brian Kagan Steve Warren
Jackie & Barry Kanner Rachel & David Wein
Karen & Jay Kauffman Ari Weisberg & Torey Rhinehart
Pam & Moe LeCompte Cindy & Bob Weisberg
Janice & David LeVine Jill & Joel Weisberg
Ellie LeVine Linda Weiss
Marilyn & Morris LeVine, z"l Gail & John Weitz
Susan & Steven LeVine Katherine & Israel Wojnowich
  Claire & Ron Yogman

Donor Wall Rendering

Sat, November 26 2022 2 Kislev 5783