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A-Team Israel Advocacy Archive

Imagine if you could charge your electric car in the same amount of time it takes to fill up a gas car. Israeli develops a vehicle battery that can be recharged in 10 minutes.

What would you do with 9.2 billion gallons of water? That how much water has been saved by the new leak detection technology developed by Israeli company Astera.

Israel has successfully harvested dates from trees grown from 2,000 year old seeds. These are the only truly Israeli dates in the world.

Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science announced a new Covid treatment that is currently being successfully tested on animals. Due to their approach, this treatment's effectiveness would not be impacted by variants.

Israel is a world leader in effective water management. Here are 10 ways that Israel used it's water expertise to help others around the world

Israel expands test of new Israeli drug that appears to be almost 90% effective in healing Covid patients.

In an effort to provide a cure for lymphedema, Israeli scientists at Technion have actually grown lymphatic vessels.

A new Covid drug from Israel has successfully completed a trial in Greece. The test was conducted on 88 patients who had moderate to high symptoms. All of them recovered, most within 5 days.

Israel has published a study of the effects of the Covid vaccine and the virus on male fertility. There is no impact from the vaccine, but there is adverse impact from the virus.

Have you ever wondered how Israel is able to develop so many beneficial technologies. Maybe Israel's performance at the International Math Olympiad offers an answer.

Good news for those that have nerve damage. Israel is testing a new technology to restores the sense of touch lost through nerve damage.

In the US 5.5% of grocery store products are thrown away when they expire. Wasteless, an Israeli company, resolves this issue by dynamically adjusting the price as the expiration date approaches.

As medical waste grows at a rapid rate, an Israeli company has developed a device that allows medical facilities to eliminate their waste in a cost effective manner.

For those that suffer from migraines, there is now a device from Israel that treat migraines more effectively than drugs. There are also no adverse side effects.

First we had bi-focals. Then we had progressive lenses. Now an Israeli firm has created lenses that switch between near and far sightedness for less than one quarter the cost.

Have you ever wondered what is floating in your toilet and what it might mean? Me neither. Yet an Israeli company has developed a product to monitor your toilet's contents and provide an early warning on many diseases.

If you've had a cornea transplant, you may experience problems with the Covid vaccine. However, Israel now has a solution.

Are you tired of going to the Nail Salon? Well the Israel product Nimble is about to solve that. Nimble is a device that paints and dries your nails in 10 minutes at home.

While Spiderman is still fictional, his web is now real thanks to the Israeli company Seevix Material Sciences Ltd. It is both stronger and lighter than steel.

Israeli treatment for Covid advances to Phase II/III testing. The testing will be conducted outside of Israel as there are not enough Covid cases within Israel.

Israeli company Ibex Medical Analytics has developed an AI technology for detecting breast cancer. This technology is now approved for use in the European Union.

Israel continues to develop new GREEN technologies. Israeli company EVR Motors has developed a new electric motor that is the size of the smart phone.

Israeli scientists find a natural food supplement, beta-sitosterol, that could treat anxiety. You'll find this substance in avocados and other foods.

While this is not about technology, I thought you should know. Israel's Eden Alene has advanced to the 2021 Eurovision finals with her song Set Me Free.

Be Green with Israel's Echo Tech Recycling Active Rubber. This technology provides a 10-fold improvement over old rubber recycling technologies.

IceCure, an Israeli company, now has their ProSense technology approved to treat breast cancer. The US FDA calls it a "Breakthrough Technology."

Sackler Lab at Tel Aviv University has developed a non-invasive test to detect melanoma.

Curing the incurable. Is it possible? The scientists at Israel's ElaPharma are testing new drugs to prove it.

Israeli company Belkin Laser developed a device that treats glaucoma in seconds without even touching the patient.

Two doctors at Hebrew University have developed a blood test that detects cancer and diseases of the heart and liver without needing a biopsy.

Israeli researchers at Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Company have developed virus resistant tomatoes that can save 50% of the worldwide tomato crop.

Is there such a thing as chemo without side effects? If the Tel Aviv University team is successful, there will be.

A new Israeli air filtration system kills Covid and other viruses.

BlueGreen Water Technology, an Israeli company, was selected by Florida to save Lake Okeechobee from deadly algae.

Tue, September 28 2021 22 Tishrei 5782