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A-Team Israel Advocacy Archive

Do you have trouble keeping houseplants alive? Check out this new Israeli technology that waters your plants for 6 months.

Do you know an elderly person that lives alone? You may want to consider getting them ElliQ a mini-Israeli robot designed to assist at home seniors. NY State Office of Aging is buying them for 800 seniors.

All natural pest control is now available to farmers around the world from Israeli company BioBee. They are growing persimilis in large quantities, which attack the red spider mite.  

Tired of paying $500 for a pair of glasses. Addon Optics, an Israeli startup, has developed a device that makes lenses quickly and at a much lower cost.

Autonomous driving is getting closer to reality as Israeli firm Innoviz signs a $4B deal with a major auto maker to supply technology to enable this capability.

While many organizations, including the Harvard Crimson, promote BDS, Israeli company Watergen is installing their water from air solution in Syria.

Five Israeli water saving technologies starting with Asterra leak detection, which has already saved 170 billion gallons of water in five years.

While Iran moves their nuclear activities underground to protect them from attack, guess what Israel is moving underground. Israel is opening the world's first underground blood bank.

If you want dairy free milk that tastes exactly like real milk without the cholesterol, then you may want to go to Denmark where Israel's Remilk is building the largest production facility for cow-free milk.

Have you ever thought about parking your car in the sun to cool it down? You may in the future, if your car uses a technology from Israeli startup SolCold.

Amazon is now funding Israeli robot maker BionicHIVE. BionicHIVE makes AI based robots that handle warehouse stocking and picking.

The latest green technology to be developed in Israel is the new high tech solar fabric that is being tested in Tel Aviv.

Even tobacco is becoming green as Israel works on a new technology that uses tobacco to create lab grown meat.

Aviv Matzah Factory in Bnai Brak, Israel has created the biggest matzah ever. Happy Passover!!!

A greener green energy may be on the horizon as an Israeli researcher has developed a new method to extract hydrogen from algae. Hydrogen is a component of the air we breath.

Israeli researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a solution that improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy, while at the same time reinvigorating the patient's immune system.

You've heard about printed meat, but now an Israeli startup company that creates artificial blood that can be used for blood transfusions won the grand prize at the Aviram awards in Dubai.

Could this new Israeli development mean the end of models?

Another new Israeli innovation in the fight against Cancer. NeoTX, an Israeli startup, is in Phase 2 testing of a new cancer treatment.

As you're eating Fritos you may wonder where the corn comes from. Well PepsiCo, the maker of Fritos, is now buying drip irrigation from Israeli startup N-Drip. Hint: they have their own farms.

Israel has built the first field hospital in Ukraine. When disasters occur anywhere in the world, Israel is usually the first and most effective at helping the local population.

As Purim approaches it is interesting to note that the Jewish community in Iran purchased the tombs of Queen Esther and Mordechai back in 1971.

Israel was the first international relief organization on the ground in Moldova aiding ALL Ukrainian refugees regardless of their religious affiliation. Teams from United Hatzalah and IsraAID are assisting thousands of refugees.

Back in October 2021 we told you about an Israeli company building wireless charging into roadways. Now the city of Detroit is implementing Israel's wireless vehicle charging solution on a 1 mile section of the downtown road. 

A study in Israel on how Covid antibodies perform was recently published. The results may surprise you. 

What do you get when you combine AI (artificial intelligence) with DNA testing? You get a new Israeli solution that can identify genetic disorders in embryos earlier and safer that current solutions.

Help may be on the way soon for people suffering from spinal cord injuries. Israeli researchers have developed an artificial spinal cord implant.

According to an Israeli study if you have a Vitamin D deficiency you could be susceptible to more sever Covid symptoms.

If you are in Israel and need to take an ambulance, you be happy to know that they will all soon have the In-Ex anti-bacterial filter made by Israel's A.L. Group.

Israeli Covid monitoring system detected outbreak before anyone was tested and confirmed positive.

Israeli startup Restore Medical has developed an implantable device that helps people with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).

Many companies around the world are producing vegan meat and cheese. Now an Israeli company is producing vegan salmon. It has the same taste and nutrition, but without the mercury, PCBs and microplastics present in most seafood.

Israel's BriLife Covid vaccine is now going to be tested as booster shot. They are also still engaged in Phase III testing as a primary Covid vaccine.

StoreDot, the Israeli company that developed the fastest charging batteries, is now working with a Vietnamese firm to produce Electric Vehicles with these batteries.

The ultimate green energy. Israeli researchers have developed a method to extract electricity from seaweed, even at night.

Amorphical reports 100% success against Covid. Yes, that is what happened in the Phase 2 testing of an Israeli treatment for people suffering moderate to severe Covid symptoms.

For those with birth defects affecting their ears or even ear damage, Israeli researchers have printed an ear implant.

Two Israeli NGOs are mobilizing to help Kentucky recover from the devastating tornadoes. They are SmartAID and IsraAID.

Imagine if there was a new X-Ray technology that was cheaper, provided higher resolution and produced less radiation. Meet Nanox.ARC from Israel.

Breaking Omicron news out of Israel. The vaccines work against this variant as long as you've been vaccinated within the last 6 months. See more detail here.

As the world tries to move towards green energy by replacing one polluting technology (oil) with another (lithium), Israeli company Nostromo Energy has a solution that uses water to store energy.

A new Israeli Covid drug has completed Phase 2 testing with a 70% improvement in survival for serious Covid cases. Now onto Phase 3.

A promising cancer drug may soon be able to be used due to an Israeli development that delivers the drug to directly into the cancer tumors.

Are you tired of the traffic jams getting to Tampa? Then you might want to check out Israel's latest flying electric car. It's expected to be available in 2024.

Robotic mastectomy comes to Israel. The surgery is more accurate and enables a better appearance.

Israel continues to test its own Covid vaccine despite most of the country being vaccinated with Pfizer. Check out their latest promising test results.

A better solution to diabetic wound care is around the corner. Thanks to a new copper infused bandage developed by Israel's MedCu.

If you need help around your home, check out Gary. Gary is a robot developed by Unlimited Robotics in Israel and is expected to be available in early 2022.

Are you suffering from chronic pain due to an old or recent injury? You may want to check out the products from the Israeli company Healables.

Construction of the largest solar energy field in the United States has begun in Indiana. It is being built by the Israeli company Doral Energy.

Where did Kenya's small farmers go when they needed a solution to save their corn crops? You guessed it. They turned to SupPlant from Israel.

Are roads that charge electric vehicles becoming a reality? In Tel Aviv ElectReon is deploying this technology to charge 200 city buses.

Israeli scientists discover that some of our white blood cells switch sides. Initially they attack a brain tumor, but eventually they defend the tumor.

Have you ever wondered how healthy the air is that you are breathing? So have the Israelis. That's why they created a new app, Breezometer, to monitor air quality.

An Israeli developed HIV drug is showing positive results on Covid patients. In a test performed at a hospital in the Congo all patients administered the drug had dramatic improvements.

A new Israeli discovery about white blood cells may enable future cancer cures.

Imagine if you could charge your electric car in the same amount of time it takes to fill up a gas car. Israeli develops a vehicle battery that can be recharged in 10 minutes.

What would you do with 9.2 billion gallons of water? That how much water has been saved by the new leak detection technology developed by Israeli company Astera.

Israel has successfully harvested dates from trees grown from 2,000 year old seeds. These are the only truly Israeli dates in the world.

Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science announced a new Covid treatment that is currently being successfully tested on animals. Due to their approach, this treatment's effectiveness would not be impacted by variants.

Israel is a world leader in effective water management. Here are 10 ways that Israel used it's water expertise to help others around the world

Israel expands test of new Israeli drug that appears to be almost 90% effective in healing Covid patients.

In an effort to provide a cure for lymphedema, Israeli scientists at Technion have actually grown lymphatic vessels.

A new Covid drug from Israel has successfully completed a trial in Greece. The test was conducted on 88 patients who had moderate to high symptoms. All of them recovered, most within 5 days.

Israel has published a study of the effects of the Covid vaccine and the virus on male fertility. There is no impact from the vaccine, but there is adverse impact from the virus.

Have you ever wondered how Israel is able to develop so many beneficial technologies. Maybe Israel's performance at the International Math Olympiad offers an answer.

Good news for those that have nerve damage. Israel is testing a new technology to restores the sense of touch lost through nerve damage.

In the US 5.5% of grocery store products are thrown away when they expire. Wasteless, an Israeli company, resolves this issue by dynamically adjusting the price as the expiration date approaches.

As medical waste grows at a rapid rate, an Israeli company has developed a device that allows medical facilities to eliminate their waste in a cost effective manner.

For those that suffer from migraines, there is now a device from Israel that treat migraines more effectively than drugs. There are also no adverse side effects.

First we had bi-focals. Then we had progressive lenses. Now an Israeli firm has created lenses that switch between near and far sightedness for less than one quarter the cost.

Have you ever wondered what is floating in your toilet and what it might mean? Me neither. Yet an Israeli company has developed a product to monitor your toilet's contents and provide an early warning on many diseases.

If you've had a cornea transplant, you may experience problems with the Covid vaccine. However, Israel now has a solution.

Are you tired of going to the Nail Salon? Well the Israel product Nimble is about to solve that. Nimble is a device that paints and dries your nails in 10 minutes at home.

While Spiderman is still fictional, his web is now real thanks to the Israeli company Seevix Material Sciences Ltd. It is both stronger and lighter than steel.

Israeli treatment for Covid advances to Phase II/III testing. The testing will be conducted outside of Israel as there are not enough Covid cases within Israel.

Israeli company Ibex Medical Analytics has developed an AI technology for detecting breast cancer. This technology is now approved for use in the European Union.

Israel continues to develop new GREEN technologies. Israeli company EVR Motors has developed a new electric motor that is the size of the smart phone.

Israeli scientists find a natural food supplement, beta-sitosterol, that could treat anxiety. You'll find this substance in avocados and other foods.

While this is not about technology, I thought you should know. Israel's Eden Alene has advanced to the 2021 Eurovision finals with her song Set Me Free.

Be Green with Israel's Echo Tech Recycling Active Rubber. This technology provides a 10-fold improvement over old rubber recycling technologies.

IceCure, an Israeli company, now has their ProSense technology approved to treat breast cancer. The US FDA calls it a "Breakthrough Technology."

Sackler Lab at Tel Aviv University has developed a non-invasive test to detect melanoma.

Curing the incurable. Is it possible? The scientists at Israel's ElaPharma are testing new drugs to prove it.

Israeli company Belkin Laser developed a device that treats glaucoma in seconds without even touching the patient.

Two doctors at Hebrew University have developed a blood test that detects cancer and diseases of the heart and liver without needing a biopsy.

Israeli researchers at Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Company have developed virus resistant tomatoes that can save 50% of the worldwide tomato crop.

Is there such a thing as chemo without side effects? If the Tel Aviv University team is successful, there will be.

A new Israeli air filtration system kills Covid and other viruses.

BlueGreen Water Technology, an Israeli company, was selected by Florida to save Lake Okeechobee from deadly algae.

Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782