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Congregation B'nai Israel of St.Petersburg

Live Stream

How To View our Live Stream High Holiday Services:
We have two opportunities to view our live stream High Holiday services: Facebook and here on our website. Links to both are included below. 
(Our Lakeside Tashlich service will only be streamed on

Our live stream will begin 5 minutes prior to our scheduled service.

Should our facility lose power for any reason, we will begin streaming solely on Facebook Live

Shabbat Shuva Resources

Yom Kippur Resources

Yom Kippur Links from Rabbi Philip Weintraub:

A Few Wonderful Videos for the Whole Mishpacha:

Musical Service Moments from across the Country:

There are no right answers this year.  We are all in this together.  We are working hard to make this year amazing.  I cannot wait to join with you online (and in person).

Rosh Hashanah Resources

As we enter the High Holidays, how and where we daven makes a difference.  Since many of us will be praying from home, turn your prayer space into a holy space.  We speak of the synagogue and the holiday meal table as a mikdash me’at, a small Temple.  Set up your space thoughtfully, dress comfortably (but nicely), and turn off distractions. Consider connecting to your TV (or a good speaker) using the tips below as the sound quality of the services will be MUCH better than on tinny device speakers.  Wrap yourself in your tallit.  Wear your Torah Fund pin. Stand up and sit down.  Sing along.  Participate--it will change everything.

Your Book of Life doesn’t begin today, on Rosh HaShanah. It began when you were born. Some of the chapters were written by other people; your parents, siblings, and teachers. Parts of your book were crafted out of experiences you had because of other people’s decisions: where you lived, what schools you went to, what your homes were like. But the message of Rosh HaShanah, the anniversary of the creation of the world, is that everything can be made new again, that much of your book is written every day – by the choices you make. The book is not written and sealed; you get to edit it, decide what parts you want to emphasize and remember, and maybe even which parts you want to leave behind. Shanah tovah means both a good year and a good change. Today you can change the rest of your life. It is never too late. (Rabbi Laura Geller)

High Holiday Links from Rabbi Philip Weintraub:

A Few Wonderful Videos for the Whole Mishpacha:

Technology Tips

Many of you will be participating in our High Holy Day services on phone, tablets, and laptops. 

For the best viewing experience, connect your device to a TV screen. Here's how to do it:

  •  Adapter: Use an adapter that connects your device to HDMI. These are readily available online for $20 or less. This is the most surefire, cheapest, low tech way to get the job done. Just Google “(type of your device) adapter TV.”
  • Cast with a Device: Devices including Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire can all connect wirelessly. Chromecast and Amazon Fire cost between $30 and $50. Apple TV is more expensive, about $150.
  • or Smart TV: Your Smart TV may connect to an Android device wirelessly out of the box. Check your manual or Google to see if that's the case.

Facebook Live:

  • Please consider watching via Facebook so we can gather online 'Side by Side'! Follow this our facility lose power for any reason, we will begin streaming solely on Facebook Live. 
  • In the event of Facebook Live interruption, our services are also available at the top of this page and will automatically play five minutes before our services begin. Facebook Live has many advantages but is particularly sensitive to Internet challenges.
  • Closed Captioning on Facebook Live:  To allow for greater involvement, we allow for closed captioning created automatically by Facebook Live.  You may turn these off from a desktop computer.  To do this, open Facebook and click the “down arrow” icon in the top right corner. Select 'Videos. ' From there, click 'Off,' then select 'Always Show Captions. ' You can also turn the captions on from within the iOS app by tapping 'Settings,' then 'General > Accessibility > Subtitles & Captioning.


  • Please make sure your camera and microphone or headset are enabled in your general settings on your device.  While video is not required for participation, it helps us to provide necessary security as well as to allow engagement with our community "face-to-face." 
  • Please make sure your device is running the most current updates. 
  • While in Zoom, please mute your device when not talking and only un-mute when recognized by the moderator.  This allows for reduced background noise within the meeting environment.
  • If using a shared Zoom account, check the name listed to ensure those present are reflected in the name shown.
  • Check the chatbox frequently for questions or links to items that may be used as part of the discussion.
  • Dress appropriately.   It is good practice to wear an appropriate outfit including bottoms in the off-chance you need to stand up.
Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784